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This is Castle List, your wiki for castles, forts world wide and much more. It's part of the Spotting World family of wiki pastime sites. It's new. It started on 7 August 2010, and it's here for you.

It's not an encyclopaedia. There are no heavy rules or processes except to respect copyrights owned by others and to behave to others as you wish others to behave to you.

Have a look at: CastlesFortsVideos

It's what you make it to be. If you want to write reports of a great day at The Tower of London or at Dover Castle, great. If you want to upload your pictures of Castle Rushen, or if you have something to say about Benburb Castle‎, great.

Today it looks like Wikipedia. That's not an accident. As the Wikipedia licence allows, we've copied a lot of basic articles from it, and have attributed them correctly. That's just to get you started. You can change that. You can develop the articles, add new ones, do precisely as you wish. And you can publicise your own activities in the way you are not allowed to at Wikipedia. We use extensions that they don't use. So you can embed maps, videos, events, and so much more.

The only limit is your imagination.

This page needs YOU

If you want to edit the main page and take responsibility for making it look really good, then great! It's a wiki. Just do it. Please just do it.

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